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Speaking early, speaking often

So the title of this post is based on the old gag 'vote early, vote often'. Which is related in a way to the  old adage 'it's the squeaky wheel that gets the grease' - or whatever it was. And for bloggers, if you want to be read, you have to update regularly and often. But it's time-consuming.

I guess you can link to a particular news article and express your views on that, which many bloggers do, but that's never seemed enough to me. On the other hand, it's time-consuming to create a blog post from scratch. I could put my tweets here, and try to add enough context to make a narrative? Maybe. So here's copies of  recent tweets and I'll try to add the context - later?

Backwards in time:

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More about speaking uncivilly! and 'self-policing'

just saw this under an article about why there aren't more women in public office

"[commenter 1]
Here's the thing. Women are inherently emotional creatures. Men tend to look at things from the logical stand point, less often being caught up in the emotional charge of a situation. No ones stopping women from being politicians...
[commenter2 in reply] here's the thing. shut the fuck up."
Which made me laugh out loud. 
This is what I mean - sometimes speaking uncivilly is the exact right response. 
The first comment is apparently civil, but it's actually patronising and sexist, and reinforces the weight of hundreds of years of patriarchy and misogyny. The second is 'uncivil' but it's spot on. 
(Comes from - which was a widely circulated meme about Photoshopping the men out of photos of political and boardroom meetings. Worth revisiting or checking out if you didn't see it.)
Worth n…